5 Reasons why Yen Duc Village is good for Kids

Yen Duc village

Charming Yen Duc village is located on the way between Hanoi and Halong Bay (it is around 70km from Hanoi and nearly 100km from Halong). Its special feature is that this area still remains intensely typical Vietnamese tradition with the immense rice fields, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, local pagoda, folk songs, ancient houses… All things prove the beauty and tranquility of a pure Vietnamese village, enabling visitors to escape hustle and bustle of modern life comprehensively.

1. Local culture interaction

Visiting Yen Duc village is a rare chance for you and your children to dig deeper into Vietnamese rural culture due to many conversation with local people, watching water puppet show, visiting local houses and Canh Huong pagoda or clear presentation from tour guides who endeavor utmost to show you and your children Vietnamese culture and history the most. Besides, there are a lot of local kids in the village of the same age as your children. They can play together and create wonderful and friendly atmosphere without nationality gap.

Watch water puppets at Yen Duc village
Watch water puppets at Yen Duc village

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2. Cultural outdoor activities

Children in general really fall in love with outdoor activities. In Yen Duc village, they take part in a series of outside experiences related to ancient Vietnamese culture such as fishing with bamboo baskets, taking a bike ride to local market, participating in making a rice stalk broom, seeing a process of rice milling and pounding… which stimulate their creativity and imagination.

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3. Fresh and large space

By dint of being situated on the way between two well-known tourism centers of Vietnam, Yen Duc village is accessible and has a huge area with mainly rice and vegetable fields and sparse population.These factors contribute to create clean, wide and authentically local atmosphere that hardly has been encountered in Vietnam. It is very ideal for children to play freely without any restraint and danger.

Fresh and large space
Fresh and large space

4. Parental love perception

Being attracted to a bustle and constantly active activities of tourism places engenders lack of private time for your family but it is not true of Yen Duc village. The staff section here always try their best create private moments as much as possible for customers’ families. Family members can get together, talk to each other and feel cozy atmosphere. Children will perceive deeply the sweet love from their parents in such moments.

5. Tour quality

Yen Duc village tour is high-quality from facilities to perfect services. There is Viet village house area for guests overnight. It is not only luxurious but also very Vietnamese cultural with four main houses made from wood, bamboo, cane, or rattan… Moreover, it includes huge yards, vegetable garden and a small pond with floating flowers. Each room is equipped with large beds, ensuite bathroom,nice views that satisfy your families. Equally important, tour guide will support you in every activity, especially in interacting with the local to discover ancient Vietnamese culture here. Food is the highlight of this tour. All delicious dishes are cooked in Vietnamese way but changed a little bit in accordance with foreigners’ taste.

Touring to Yen Duc village will be the most memorable and valuable experiences of your family, especially your children. Do not miss it.