Halong Bay Surprising Cave

Surprise Cave

Halong Bay Vietnam is one of New 7 wonders of the world. There are many famous attractions in Halong Bay, limestone mountain, islands, islets, caves, beaches, National park. Enjoy the unique beautiful view of Halong Bay.

Surprising Cave located on Bo Hon Island, one of the most beautiful and largest cave in Ha Long Bay Vietnam, French explored this cave in 1903 and they named this “grotte des surprises”. Tourist visit this cave will be surprised because of its beauty. You will climb up around 50 steps and get into the cave. The cave included 3 parts, it link together by narrow tunnels. There are thousands of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. It is 30-meter high of roof and cover 10,000 m2, located 25 m above the sea level. If you join the tour 2 days or 3 days in Halong Bay, it will be included in the tour itinerary or you join the tour 1 day, It take 6 hour of boat trip from Halong pier to get there.

Surprise Cave

In 1962 Ghermann Titov from former Soviet Union astronautic hero visited Halong Bay with President Ho Chi Minh. Because of well relationship between Vietnam and Soviet Union, President Ho Chi Minh decided to name this island is TiTop island. Titop island become one of famous attraction in Halong Bay for most of tourists when they visit Halong Bay. Tourist can relax, swimming on the beach, climb up to the peak of island to enjoy all view of Halong Bay or join some sport activities in here:  kayaking, speed water motor or parachute…


There are many beautiful places for tourist to do kayak in Halong Bay, Dark and Light Cave is one of perfect choice for traveler when they visit Halong Bay, located nearby Cat Ba National Park, and surounded by beautiful limestone mountain. Adventure kayaking to explore Dark and Light cave usually will be arranged on the second day of Halong bay 3 days tour

Cat Ba island (women’s Island) is one of largest island, located in Cat Ba National Park, It is not only famous for tourism but also the most important natural ecosystem of the bay. It’s the homeland of 1,561 species of flora and 279 fauna species. 160 bird species, 66 reptiles and amphibians species, 274 species of insects, 900 fish, 178 coral, 7 species of snakes, 4 species of turtles and 21 species of seaweed. Some of species are going to disappear

It depend on your Halong bay tour itinerary, Cat ba island will be add on tour program on second day of Halong bay 3 days tour. You can join some activities in Cat Ba Island: biking, climbing up to the peak of mountain, trekking Cat Ba National Park, swimming or relax on the beach and overnight at the hotel in Cat Ba town. halong bay tour